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You are a multinational and you operate in various countries, Sanlam makes its know-how and offers available to you internationally, and offers you a global solution with its pan-African presence in 34 countries and its partners in other countries.


Assets The objective of Damage insurance is to protect all the assets of the insured, be it an individual or professional: car, house, furniture, motorcycle, computer, business (stocks, equipment, etc). War...
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Civil Liability

Civil Liability With our civil liability insurance, we offer you the possibility to compensate for bodily, material or intangible damage that may be caused to a third party (customers, suppliers, visitors, etc.) dur...
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Marine SANLAM insures your goods against all risks that may arise during shipping. If your goods are insured, you will be directly compensated for your damage. We also insure vessels of all sizes that are exposed...
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