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As an investor, you are concerned not only about the profitability of your business, but also its sustainability. At Sanlam, we have designed a range of products tailored to your needs to protect your employees, your company, your premises, your production equipment, amongst others. With us you will receive personalized support, a team which listens giving you the right advice to guide you in your choices in terms of insurance offer, to meet your needs.


Motor The purpose of our Company Motor Insurance product is to warranty the entire motor vehicle fleet of the company which is insured. This insurance is intended for all companies registered in the trade register a...
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Engineering Construction site insurance is designed to meet the expectations and requirements of building professionals and of all their trades.  Whether you are a project manager, an entrepreneur, a con...
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Marine SANLAM insures your goods against all risks that may arise during shipping. If your goods are insured, you will be directly compensated for your damage. We also insure vessels of all sizes that are exposed...
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Civil Liability

Civil Liability With our civil liability insurance, we offer you the possibility to compensate for bodily, material or intangible damage that may be caused to a third party (customers, suppliers, visitors, etc.) dur...
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